Tutorial To Do Hand Cheap Embroidery Digitizing On cheap jersey Easily

If you are carrying out the embroidery process in the right direction and with the necessary equipment, then performing the hand embroidery on cheap jersey is an easy process to do.  One of the biggest hurdles that most of the beginners would face while carrying out the jersey would be in terms of stretching of the fabric when it pulls out so much or become tight too.  But the proper use of stabilizer will make this task easy to perform.

The cheap embroidery digitizing work on the jersey would be as smaller as the piece of the heart design or it can be as huger as the filling of the font on the top front side of the jersey. Hence in simple, we would say that there are so many simple ways by which you can carry out the hand embroidery on the clothing item.

To perform the hand embroidery on the cheap jersey, following main items would be needed:

  • Stabilizer
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery floss
  • Needle it should be round end preferred
  • Iron

Overview of Different Types of Stabilizer:

First of all, we are discussing the types of stabilizers for cheap embroidery digitizing that needs to be carried out in the embroidery work on the jersey.  When it comes to the clothing embroidery, then our first recommendation would be considering the use of some removable stabilizer for you.  It would let the design to stay at its own place for a long time. Hence along with it, you would be finding the back of the stitching to be so much soft and not at all scratchy for your skin.

There are so many different stabilizers that are meant for the stretchy kind of fabrics as well. Some of them are temporary and some of them are permanent in nature too. Some might tear away and some will rather get dissolve into the water.

Along with some of the stabilizers, the main goal is all about preventing the fabrics from any kind of stretching as it would distort away the embroidery as it is removed off from the hoop.  In order to achieve this, the piece of the stabilizer would be staying for a large time as compare to any other embroidery design or the hoop you are using upon.

Try to Stabilize Fabric with Baste-On Material:

Try to start the cheap embroidery digitizing always on the inside area of the jersey. Sliding into the piece of paper is held just in between the layers of the fabrics that make it much easy to baste upon as between the second layer of the jersey.


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