The 3 Elements That Govern Our Health

An individuals health and well being is controlled by physical, emotional, and biochemical factors. To stay healthy we need to ensure that these three elements are in good order and balance. Most health problems that we have are controlled directly by these 3 areas working in tandem. Let us discuss them in more detail.iso 45003

1. Biomechanical health covers the different chemicals and biological workings and processes of our body, including all of the factors that affect them, both internal and external. Biomechanical health covers everything from the working of our heart through to the enzymes in our stomach. They key human behaviour that controls all of this is diet. The food that we eat will directly affect our biomechanical health, in either a positive or negative way. If we eat do not get enough nutrition, or eat foods that are bad for us, our biomechanical health will suffer.

2. Physical health covers the physicality of our body, such as strength, the bones, muscles, organs and skin. The main behaviour which governs this aspect of our health is exercise. If we exercise regularly and properly, our physical health will improve. If we do not exercise, we will become weaker, and the physical side of our bodies will deteriorate. As a result, we may develop health complications directly related to this. If we want to stay healthy, we should exercise regularly.

3. Psychological health covers our mental and emotional well being. Excess stress, difficult emotional problems, and countless other psychological problems can directly affect our health in multiple ways. If we want to live a healthy and happy life, we should try to reduce stress and live a lifestyle that makes us content and at peace. If we fail to do this, our biomechanical and physical health can suffer as a direct consequence. Examples of this include heart attacks and strokes which are brought on by poor psychological health.

All 3 areas work together in balance. To rectify problems, we have to take into account all 3 areas. For example, to lose weight we have to diet, exercise, and reduce stress. Dieting involves improving our biomechanical health, exercise involves improving our physical health, and reducing stress involves improving our psychological health. By working on all three aspects of our health, we can deal with problems and achieve total health. Total health meaning all three aspects of our health and are in good order.

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