Safety Tips When Working In High Heights

Accidents are common during constructions, especially when working on the heights. These accidents are usually due to unavoidable circumstances but others are due to workers not adhering to correct safety precautions while at work. Plumbing, window washing and installation, painting and electrical installation as well as construction companies are the most affected.

Injury due to a fall may not only be fatal to the person victim but also to the people below and on the ground. This is because tools, equipment or materials falling from a height may injure the people working below or pedestrians in the vicinity. Visit : The following are some important tips on the safety measures and precautions that should be observed when working in high heights to avoid any injury to you and to others.

You should always maintain a safe working environment when working at high heights to avoid any accidents. This is by ensuring that you are securely anchored to a stable platform e.g. by using a harness when working on a cherry picker. You should also keep all your tools and materials being used in a secure location to avoid them falling and hurting the people below.

You should also check and consider if the work involved can be done on the ground rather than at a high level. For example materials to be installed can be assembled and prepared at the ground and be fixed later. This will eliminate the instance of anything falling when assembling the materials aerially.

You can also try to reduce the risks involved in working at a height by employing certain safety measures such as the use of fall protection measures for example harnesses, industrial safety nets or other catch platforms. Passive fall prevention systems may also be used to protect the people below. These include the use of perimeter guard railing or roof safety meshes.

The use of ladders can be used either for small heights or for higher heights if the above listed options are not reasonably practicable. However when using ladders, all the factors of ladder safety should be observed and adhered to. For example the ladder should be firmly secured at the base to avoid slipping or sliding.

Different provisions should also be put in place to prevent objects being used from falling from the top and hurting those at the bottom. Hence any one working at the bottom should be wearing a hard hat to prevent any injuries to the head. The area can also be secured by surrounding it with barricades or safety tape.

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