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Are you a house owner looking to partner with the perfect home designing and drafting company? Orana Drafting Services is the perfect one for you. Whether you take a realistic sketch concept, CAD Drawings, Shop Drawings, Marketing Drawings, Garage Design, 3D Office space planning or anything, everything is done here.

Orana Drafting Services is one of the best drawing services in Brampton. Also being one of the best drafting and drawing services in Toronto, Orana Drafting Services provide a plethora of services that include General Drawings, Digitizing, 3D Modelling, 3D Renderings, Marketing Drawings, Shop Drawings and many more.

We have the different categories of services and these categories include different sub categorized services. Let us know them all in detail:

  1. General Drawings: This category includes generalized drawing services for the home, office, garage or any space. It includes Architectural Drawings, Structural Drawings, Mechanical Drawings, Permit Drawings and many more. Architectural Drawings are generally the technical drawing of a space or a building. Commonly known as floor plan, these are flawlessly made by the panel of expert engineers and architectures. Structural Drawings are type of engineering drawings. These are the perfect floor plan or a set of plan that shows how the building will be constructed or the rough structure. These are prepared by the registered and professional structural engineers and architectures. Mechanical Drawings are the sketches of the actual component with exact dimensions and other elements. This is one of the most important aspects in the drawings. Permit Drawings are the minimal set of drawings and other information that requires permission from the state authorities.
  2. Digitizing: The second category includes the digitizing one. It focuses on the CAD drawings and other dynamics. Here, our panel of drawing experts include scanned drawings to CAD Drawing conversion. Moreover, this also focuses on conversion of hand drawings to CAD Drawing. Also, conceptual drawings are converted to the CAD Drawings.
  3. 3D Modelling: Here, our team focuses on the creating 3D Graphic models and structures. 3D Modelling is the technical process of developing a mathematical representation of a structure or a building of any object in three dimensions. It includes the Revit modelling, Sketchup modelling and customized Revit family creation. These all done by our engineers and technical experts.
  4. 3D Renderings: 3D renderings are the technical computer graphics process of converting 3D Models into finest 2D graphics or images on the computer or desktop. It includes architectural photorealistic effects renderings. This also includes product marketing renderings as well as interior design renderings.
  5. Marketing Drawings: These drawings are also done by the Orana drafting services. This includes a plethora of services like blackline drawings, realistic presentation floor plans and accurate marketing floor plans. Professional services are all what you get here.
  6. Shop Drawings: These drawings include millworks, retail floor plan, windows and curtain walls and miscellaneous metals.

Being one of the most prominent drawing services in Brampton and Toronto, Orana Drafting services ensure to deliver the best plan for your dream space.

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