Learn About Magic Flims and Magic Tricks

For centuries magicians have been wowing audiences with their flare for the impossible and unnatural. We continue to watch them do stunts and tricks that make us say “how did he do that”? The fact of the matter is that most of the time its an illusion aimed at making you believe what you see when in reality he creates a diversion making your mind believe what your eyes think they saw. One of the best at doing just that is David Copperfield. He traveled the world putting on show after show in arenas worldwide making us believe he was really levitating and flying through the air.

As a youngster you start to watch magicians and decide you want to get into that but where do you start. Well most of your local bookstores have magic books for sale and also perhaps some instructional DVDs to show you how to perfom magic tricks. While books are extremely helpful magic movies are by far the best way to learn because you can get that visual appeal from the trick being performed and try to mimic its authenticity.

Movie magic has become ever so popular with such high guarda serie priced movie series such as Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia. Harry Potter and his wizardry special effects have made magic very appealing and popular for kids all over the world. The series has become the biggest selling movie franchise in history dethroning the wonderful Star Wars movies. Magic The Gathering trading cards have also appealed to children as they promote magic in a fun and youthful way.

There are many illusionists such as David Blaine who performs on the streets of New York in front of millions of people doing death defying stunts and pushing his mind and body to extreme limits. Cris Angel has become the most popular magician and his hollywood sex appeal had made him an icon in the industry. His long running TV show Mindfeak has been hugely popular sending angel into superstardom. You can find Angel on the streets of his Las Vegas hometown nightly with video camera following him performing stunts and tricks at all hours of the day.

If you want to perform magic and learn how to become an expert illusionist, or perhaps you just want to locate movies that contain magic in them for fun to watch make sure you check out your local bookstore or some magic sites online.

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