Interview With Jason Nazar From Docstoc

Jason Nazar from Docstoc has created a site where any type of document can be uploaded or downloaded for free. You’ve probably seen the docstoc viewer on techcrunch.

It sounds kind of uninteresting until you realise that the documents get a lot of search traffic (eg people looking for mortgage forms, legal forms, etc) and that they become a perfect tool for lead generation.

Adrian:  I’m here with Jason Nazar. He is the CEO of Docstoc, a site doing lead-generation through providing free documents and templates. It’s an interesting model I’ve never heard of that actually sounds pretty smart. Before we talk about Docstoc, Jason why don’t you tell us a little bit about who you are and where you come from.

Jason:  Sure. I’m an LA native. I went to college in Santa Barbara, and I have an MBA in law from Pepperdine in Southern California. I’m a serial entrepreneur. Docstoc is the third company I’ve started and the first one on the Web.

I started my first company out of college. For about two years, I went around the country doing motivational speaking to high school and college students in addition to corporate sales training and communication seminars. After that, I was the Director of Marketing and Sales at a non-tech start-up in Southern California.

While I was going through grad school, I started a consulting company with one of my classmates, Michael Sheridan. We were consulting for start-ups and small businesses in the Los Angeles area. That’s really where I got the idea for Docstoc, which had its one-year birthday on October 30, 2008.

I would spend hours a day looking for documents online. Thomas Alvec I built this really great repository of digital documents on my own personal computer. One night at 1:00 a.m., I thought to myself, “It’s really hard to find quality documents. There should be something like YouTube or Flickr for documents.”

I wanted to build a place where anybody could get any document fast, easy and for free. I started self-financing Docstoc when I was a student in law school and working by myself. Then I met Alon Shwartz; soon afterwards he came on as our CTO and the cofounder of Docstoc. I maxed out my credit cards, took out some student loans, and used all the money I had saved, which wasn’t a lot. I basically tried to build Docstoc with a firm in India. Then to continue it, I raised an angel round of capital as I finished law school.

We are backed by the venture capital firm Rustic Canyon and have a lot of great investors from the LA community including Brett Brewer from Intermix which is the parent company of MySpace, Kamran Pourzanjani from PriceGrabber, Matt Coffin from LowerMyBills, and Robin Richards from Michael Jones who sold Userplane to AOL is also one of our board members.

We now have over 2 million unique visitors a month and are getting close to 10 million page views a month.

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