Internet Marketing – How to Set Up a Sales Funnel Today

A sales funnel is the process of gathering as many leads as possible then filtering out the targeted leads from the non-buyers. Picture a sales funnel as an object that is wide on one side and thinner on the other. The wider side of the funnel represents the mass lead generation and the thinner side of the funnel represents the process of filtering out the buyers from the non-buyers.

The most common sales funnel method is the “product price” method. How this would work is there will be different stages of the funnel where in each stage the price will slightly increase.

For example, say the price of the product in the first stage is $10. Chances are that the majority of the leads will make this initial purchase. clickfunnels review & complaints After that there will be another stage where a higher quality product will be sold for $15. Now in this stage there will still be a lot of buyer but the numbers won’t be as high as the first stage.

And as you progress the quality and the price of the products will increase and as you go through the stages there will be fewer customers but the return on investment will be higher. It’s all about giving your customers what they want which is value.

Keep in mind that your customers will buy your product at any price that you sell it at, as long as they think it’s worth the money. Customers do not care about the price; what they care about is what they’re going to get in exchange of the money and the actual VALUE of the product.

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