How To Choose The Best Wallet That Suits Your Man

Nowadays, the rules when it comes to men’s style have softened to some extent. While there are still those who favor the old school rules, famous Hollywood and sports celebrities have changed the game for fashion.

But that is not saying that men can get away with almost anything, the way women do. Look at the case of accessories as an example. When talking about men’s accessories, they look at function first before aesthetics. And the wallet is a perfect example of the precedence of function over aesthetics when it comes to men’s accessories. For men, particularly professionals, a wallet not only serves as a credit card holder or an accessory to keep money and other essential things but it is also something that reflects a man’s style.

But what actually makes the best wallet for a man? Apparently, among the necessary criteria for selecting a wallet for your man is function. Apart from keeping cash and credit cards, it should have enough space or pockets for other important things. When it comes to style, the best rule to follow is to find a wallet that matches the personality of the person you are giving it to. Of course, if he is an industry professional, you would avoid giving a biker wallet.

For a professional, a two-fold wallet with a dimension of 3.5 inches by 4 inches will be ideal. This has enough room for all his daily essentials without looking bulky. But if you think he wants something that is of smaller size, you can look for a tri-fold wallet with a dimension of 7cm X 9cm. The only drawback of this wallet is it cannot carry coins and this is something you need to take into consideration when making a choice.

On the contrary, if your man is fond of cowboy or western style, you might want to buy long fellows which are bigger than the two- or tri-fold wallets. You can find wallets of this style in shops that sell western wear and the likes. A major advantage of long fellows is that they stick out from the jean’s back pocket which makes them easier to take out.

When it comes to colors, brown and black are mostly preferred, but some men choose colors according to their personal inclination. You may want to choose a color that matches most of the clothes he wears.

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