Get to Know – Football Speed Training

Football is a game, which requires you to be on your toes. You need to maintain your fitness level, as your strength plays an important part in this game. Excellent knowledge of the game and proper skills are essential factors to win in this game. You need to be athletic and physically fit for playing football.


Following are the things that you need to consider before mastering this game:

1. You need to be fast.
2. Your muscles need to be prepared for the stress involved in this game
3. Stay disciplined
4. You need to be agile and completely aware of your body’s condition.
5. Try to make your body flexible, so that you can avoid injuries.

Football speed training also includes shuttle sprints, which are generally of 15 minutes, but they can also be of 5 minutes. You need to work on running in the following manner:

Make a standing start and then, lie flat on your stomach. After this, you need to start running. You need to run forward and repeat all these steps with a ball. Your aim needs to run on the entire field or pitch. You can also jog backwards and then, you can run for long distances. Football speed training also involves muscular endurance. For that, you need to perform various exercises to strengthen your muscles and to boost your stamina, so that you stay active and do not injure yourself very often.

You need to work regularly, but at the same time, if you injure yourself, take some break for the injuries to heal. The aim of your football speed training session needs to be staying fit for playing this tough game. Football speed training not only helps in overall development of a new player, but also prepares him mentally.

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