Gaming Mouse Breakdown

Logitech MX Optical Engine

This is the mouse we will be looking at, it is a very popular gaming mouse used by many professional gamers for a variety of games.

In-game sensitivity switching to 1,600, 800, and 400-dpi resolution

DPI is Dots Per Inch, since pixels are actually small rectangles or boxes this is a vague term that has come to measure the accuracy of computer mice. The higher DPI of 1,600 allows you more accuracy but only if the processing can keep up. Professional gamers have their own preferences on 1,600 800 or 400 this is why this mouse allows you to use any value you prefer. The one thing that is definite is no one needs a mouse with more than 1,600 DPI.

5.8 megapixel/second image processing

This determines the responsiveness of your mouse, top gaming mouse the maximum acceleration and the maximum speed. To break it down:

5.8 Mega – Mega is the engineering term for 10^6 so 5.8 Mega is 5,800,000

Pixel – If you zoom in as much as possible on an image you will see a single box which is one pixel.

/Second or Per Second – This is stating that the mouse sees 5,800,000 pixels per second Image Processing – Tells you that not only does the mouse see 5.8 million pixels per second it processes it at the same rate to create quick seamless movement. So a 5.8 megapixel/second image processing is needed for the 1,600 DPI creating the smooth motion and accuracy you want as a gamer.

Up to 15 g of acceleration

Acceleration many already know the rate an object in this case the mouse is increasing in speed. What is obscure is the g. 15g means 15 times more acceleration then free falling. To help put this in perspective a formula one race car accelerates at roughly 6g, the Apollo 16 on reentry reached 8g and a fighter jet can reach 12g. So if you believe your arm can accelerate at the same speed as a fighter jet this ‘feature’ might interest you but for the rest of us this can be ignored.

Expanded 16-bit data format supports blazing fast moves with pure precision

Expanded 16-bit data format, what is a bit? A bit is a single digit that can be 1 or 0. So a 16-bit data format is simply 16 0’s or 1’s. Every move you make on your mouse or button you press is sent to the computer through data packets. The size of these packets and how much information they contain is based on the format and how many bits of data. The more bits the better it allows the mouse to keep track of accelerations and movements for more directions and allows more buttons.

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