Dating Ideas For a Third Date

Traditionally the third date is considered THE date to decide whether you will be entering into a relationship together. It’s at this point where the chemistry and flow of conversation should indicate if there is something special. You may continue to see each other, or you may decide to remain friends. It doesn’t matter which direction you both decide to take at the end of the date, you should plan to have a special date together. It should honour the time you have both spent dating and getting to know each other, and should nicely mark the occasion of moving forward in a new direction.

Try and make this date unforgettable – choose something special or do something active so it will create a memory together.

Early film followed by relaxed dinner – A leisurely and enjoyable way to spend the evening together. Choose your restaurant wisely to allow you both to talk about your relationship freely. Whether it be a romantic or casual environment, make sure that your conversation can still be kept private.

Outdoor festival – See if there are any outdoor music 3rd date tips or food festivals you might enjoy together. You can take a rug, some drinks and enjoy lazing in the sun together.

Go for a nice long walk outdoors – It can be a wonderfully intimate date allowing plenty of time for conversation and laughs. Make it more homely by taking your dog and, have a picnic in a picturesque location. Take a camera with you so you can take lots of pictures for the memories.

Take them out with your friends – take your date to a social function to meet your friends. It can be a party, dinner, group outing, a concert or even a pub quiz. It is a nice way to mark the occasion of including them in your life. Remember to be attentive to your date and make them feel at ease amongst your friends. Either keep it intimate by spending your time with them, or take the opportunity to introduce then to other people.

Cook a dinner – if you’re confident that there is enough chemistry between you and you are ready to be more intimate with your partner, then a meal at home is a great starting point. Create a romantic environment by lighting the room with candles, playing slow and easy music. Cook their favorite meal or consider creating your own menu of sensuous food.

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