Clean Air In The Home – 5 Tips To Make It Possible

Maintaining clean air inside the home can be difficult if you really don’t make an effort to do it. It’s very easy to ignore the air around you because you can’t see it. You will just be aware of it when something is stinking or if you and your kids are already getting sick. For mothers and fathers who are in charge of keeping their homes clean and fresh, here are some simple tips to help you maintain your indoor air clean.

Replace your curtains regularly. Curtains must be replaced at least once a month, more than that if you live in a heavily polluted area. Much more if you have someone with you who are suffering with asthma or dust allergies. Make a calendar mark of your replacement schedules so you won’t forget. If your curtains don’t look dirty, it doesn’t mean they are not.

Don’t forget about your throw pillows. Throw pillows are almost always being forgotten because they are just decorations on your sofa. Actually, your kids hug them, they always fall on the floor, your food stick on them, all these things make your pillows dirty and dusty.

Use air filters. There are many air filters available in the market to choose from and you should choose according to your need. An air filter which can act as a humidifier and ionizer at the same time will be much cheaper and useful in the end.

Replace your air conditioner filters regularly. There are different specifications on when a certain type of aircon filter should be replaced. You may check on your aircon manual to be certain of this. Don’t ignore your air conditioners because they are the closest to you and you turn them on while you are at sleep. You don’t want to be suffocating with dirt without you knowing it.

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Install exhaust fans as much as possible. Exhaust fans suck out dirty air inside your home or your room so that cleaner air can come in. Make sure that you also clean your exhaust fans regularly because dust and dirt stick on the blades and fan just like in any other appliances.

Pure clean air may not that be achievable because it’s nearly impossible but there is hope when it comes to making your indoor air safe for your family. Being aware that clean air is important for good health, you will be able to do the proper steps in making the air that you breathe clean and safe.

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