Car dashboard camera as a child protection system

To keep an eye on your loved ones is a tough job, especially when it’s a child. They are small, lively, dynamic form of humans who demand a watchful eye as they’re also the most prone to dangers. To make this job easier, security cameras were developed.


The car dashboard camera does to a car what a CCTV camera does to a house i.e. to guard & keep a watch. However, if your life is involved in & around the car, installing such a system would be beneficial as these cams can come in handy in case of emergency situations. It can act as a child protection system, theft security system or simply as an insurance proof system.


The car dashboard camera records everything in it’s view and could be of immense value if some situation demands a video proof of some kind. And in cases when you leave your child locked inside the car, it can take your place and keep a watchful eye on him/her. This child protection system by using the car dashboard camera may seem not-so-obvious or even impractical, but it works just fine.


In moments when the car insurance company demand proof, the video captured by these cameras can aid your reasons & help you get the claim(s) you deserve.


These car dashboard cameras come cheap but it is recommended to get a slightly better (costly) one as the cheap ones have been found to have many bad features such as poor video quality, encoding problems, format errors and if a microphone is available, poor sound quality. A better camera is one that has at-least 720p HD recording capabilities, is durable and made of high quality materials, can record greater view (180 degrees+) and has support for a wide variety of video formats with number of available ports for easy retrieval of the video data when needed.


It is advisable to keep the above points in mind while you’re out for hunting a new car dashboard camera in the market. Also keep in mind about the compatibility of the cam with your car!

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