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I love Secret Avengers. I had given up on newer Marvel Comics but Secret Avengers changed my mind. The roster is a good mix of interesting characters, the art is amazing and the story is a well-written story that reminds me of the good old days of Marvel.

Writer Ed Brubaker and artist Mike Deodato are the creative team for the Secret Avengers title. The series started in May 2010 and showcases many former Avengers along with a few new ones. The roster includes Steve Rogers (the first Captain America), the Beast, War Machine, Valkyrie, Moon Knight, Nova, Black Widow, Sharon Carter, and Ant-Man.

One thing that makes this title great is Steve Rogers. He is and always will be Captain America to me and the one who should lead the Avengers. Having him joined by former avengers endgame hoodie Moon Knight, War Machine, Black Widow and his love, Sharon Carter, is good planning. I am most excited to see Beast, an Avenger in the 1970s and early 1980s, back with the team. I am also excited to see Valkyrie join the Avengers family.

I am a big fan of the original Defenders series that ran from 1972 until 1986. The Defenders original members were Doctor Strange, Hulk, Namor and, sometimes, the Silver Surfer. Not long after the series started Valkyrie became the first female member. Much later in the run, the harley quinn jacket Beast joined the Defenders. I hope that the past relationship between the Valkyrie and Beast is touched upon in the Secret Avengers.

It is interesting to note there has been more than one Valkyrie. The first time she appeared in Avengers No. 83, it was actually the evil Enchantress posing as Valkyrie. In the Valkyrie’s second appearance, the Enchantress turned a girl, Samantha, into Valkyrie. In her next appearance in the Defenders series, it was the real deal that joined the ranks, Brunnhilde the Valkyrie. Thanks to the Enchantress, though, she could not remember who she was until years later. On the Comic Book Resources Forum, Brubaker confirmed that the Valkyrie on the team is indeed the original Brunnhilde. She was killed a handful of years ago, but she is back!

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