Australian Open – Celebration of Melbourne Tennis

Melbourne knows how to celebrate and play a game.

In January, Melbourne is filled with tennis fans around the world to watch this premier tennis event, the Australian Open. This is the first championship of the global tennis Grand Slam circuit of the year.

The big names of international tennis love coming to Melbourne. They love Melbourne’s sporting spirit and support, and most of the time the weather.

This annual Melbourne tennis event attracts large crowds and is surrounded by a party atmosphere, with the major games being broadcast on a large screen at Federation Square, Melbourne’s public place.

The Australian Open is one of Melbourne’s great sporting events – Wimbledon Removals attendance is over 550,000 and hotels tend to get booked out during this time. Melbourne was chosen over the other Australian cities for its ability to draw great crowds and muster support and enthusiasm for this sport.

Melbourne tennis follows the good old English tradition of being played in summer. While most days are pleasant and sunny in the mid twenties, Melbourne also has some extremely hot days in January with winds from the desert that make you feel you are in a giant blow dryer. This means that some of the games are played in 35-45 degree heat.

With on court temperatures at times around 50 degrees (yes Celsius), the Australian Open can be taxing on the players and quiet a few have suffered the symptoms of heat exhaustion.

To handle this problem, tennis Australia introduced an Extreme Heat Policy: Once the thermometer hits 35 degrees – while matches in progress must be completed – the roof over the Rod Laver and the Vodafone Arenas – the main courts – get closed and no matches are commenced on outside courts.

This has been so popular that Wimbledon is now introducing a removable roof – to handle the rainy weather.

The Australian Open, then called the Australasian Championships, had followed Wimbledon in the early 1900s to embraced the new sport of lawn tennis. From there it has grown into one of the most popular world tennis events.

In this year’s Australian Open 2008, Roger Federer, Swiss, is seeking to defend his title, which would make him one of three men who have won the Australian Open four times. The others are Jack Crawford, Australian, who played in the 1930s, and Andre Agassi, US, who won title in the 1990s and 2000s.

For the women, Serena Williams, US, is attempting the same. She would join the other tennis champions who have achieved a quadruple win, namely Steffi Graf, German, and Monica Seles, Yugoslavia & US.

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