Applying Designer Perfume and Body Spray

How much perfume is too much? You’ve probably been around the person wearing too much fragrance in public or in an office – the scent, no matter how pleasant, is often overbearing and distracting. But, aside from being a distraction, too much perfume can actually be a health hazard for some, particularly those with asthma. Perfume can be worn to make an impression, if subtle, but too much might give the wrong type of impression – that you’re covering up some kind of body odor. When you plan to wear perfume, think of those that will be around you and try to tone down the scent.

Whether you’re wearing a designer perfume or a body spray, basic application of the scent can go a long way. One suggestion is to use scent only on “warm spots” – the wrist, ears, inner elbows, and the neck near the collar bone. For some, this may be too much, best delay spray in pakistan and picking out one of these places – the wrist or neck, in particular – is best. Body sprays, on the other hand, should be misted to be like a dust all over. Before you purchase any designer perfume or body spray, make sure it suits you by testing it first, and never mix it with other fragrances when wearing, be it scented deodorant or hair products.

In other instances, wearing any perfume is simply too much. A recent court case in Detroit decided that workers in three city buildings shouldn’t wear any scents – no perfume, cologne, aftershave, or deodorant – after a city worker in 2008 filed a lawsuit after a coworker wearing perfume made the environment a challenge to work at. Presently, all scented products are banned from these city government buildings in Detroit.

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